Definitely not. The appearance, style and fabric resemble common swimwear styles. No one will be able to differentiate them from other regular swimwear.

Nope! Our swimwear is designed to be worn without tampons and can hold at least 1 tampon worth of blood.

If you have a particularly heavy day, you can wear tampons or cups in addition to the swimwear. 

The gusset layers of the swimwear bottoms are designed to capture and absorb menstrual blood. To make sure you feel completely secure while wearing our swimwear, there are 2 layers of absorbent mesh and a third fully leak-proof layer.

If you have a heavy flow, we recommend putting them on right before swimming for maximum protection.

Our swimwear has been worn out of the water for several hours with absolutely no leaks, so you can wear them for hours before swimming but remember to quickly rinse them prior to getting in the water to release any large volume trapped blood.

Our swimwear can hold at least 1 regular tampon worth of blood. If you have bled into the swimwear heavily whilst out of the water, we do recommend giving them a quick rinse before heading into the water.  

Yes!! We know that many women suffer from incontinence. Our products can absorb 10mls of liquid so they can be used for light incontinence.

PFAS (Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances) are not used in our products.

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